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300-101 Radware DefensePro Level 1

300-101 Radware DefensePro Level 1

Parametry akce:

  • Minimální počet účastníků: 3
  • Maximální počet účastníků: 10
  • Uzávěrka přihlášek: 23. 8. 2017
Výrobce: Other

Cena: 1973 EUR
Školení probíhá v anglickém jazyce
Lokalita: Praha

Délka kurzu: 3 dny - v termínu 6.9. - 8.9.2017

This course covers DefensePro® product.
Learn how to isolate, block and prevent application-level attacks, coupling unmatched security performance with advanced security intelligence. Understand how to securely connect and protect all mission-critical applications by thwarting viruses, intrusions, Trojans, worms and Denial of Service attacks. Learn how to eliminate security tool vulnerabilities and bottlenecks across all combined security architectures, overcoming the security vs. performance trade-off for fault-tolerant and highly scalable defense.

• Introduction
• Basic Operation:
• Network Wide Protection
• Server Protections
• Signature Protections
• Policy Exceptions (Black & White Lists)
• Bandwidth Management
• Deployment Guidelines

• Initial DefensePro Setup
• Connecting to Your DefensePro Using APSolute Insite
• Administering DefensePro
• Behavioural DoS Protection
• Worm Propagation Prevention & Anti-Scanning
• SYN Flood Protection
• Connection Limits
• Server Cracking Protection
• HTTP Mitigator Protection
• Signature Protection
• Custom Signatures
• Policy Exceptions (Black & White lists)
• Stateful Access List
• Bandwidth Management

Requirements: Familiarity with common network terminology, TCP/IP addressing & routing, and Internetworking concepts is required. Delegates should also be proficient in basic PC operation and application, including skilled at operating a keyboard, mouse and Windows OS as well as basic Web browser operation (Internet Explorer used in class).
Certificate: To earn the Radware Certified Security Specialist (RCSS) accreditation, you must successfully complete DefensePro Level 1 and AppWall Level 1 training (course code #100-101), pass the hands-on practical course exams, and successfully complete the online certification exam.
Trainer: Certified Radware Trainer.

  • Datum a čas 6. 9. 2017, 09:00 až 8. 9. 2017, 16:00
  • Místo Veracomp s.r.o., Šafaříkova 201/17, Praha 2

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